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October 2013

Evolutions in the Transatlantic Relationship within a Multipolar World

Defensive Move or Constructive Engagement

The specific purpose of this INSTIGATION AGORA© forum, organised early on in the research efforts, is to instigate dialogue and foster questions shared by the different participating communities.

Its expected outcome is on the one hand, to inform future research agendas, and to broaden the outlook of those engaged in the decision making processes on the other.


1. Which role for the transatlantic relationship in the face of new rising powers?
2. What impact of a re-invigorated transatlantic G2 for the multilateral system?
3. Which obstacles do the transatlantic trade and investment, regulatory and energy dialogues face?
4. Which place for the transatlantic relationship in the EU’s foreign policy?

June 2013

Modelling & Measuring Regional Leadership

2nd AGORA Forum


  1. How to identify and quantify emerging regional leaders?
  2. How to identify and quantify convergences and divergences among regional leaders?
  3. How to interpret the measures signifying the BRICS’ rise in global trade networks and which implications for EU policy making?
  4. Which challenges to existing models of security and stability following the rise of regional powers can be identified? How should the EU adapt?