Easy watercolor paintings step by step

These free step-by-step watercolor tutorials teach painting techniques using images, video written instructions. So, what youll want to do is prime your brush with water first, then pick up a decent amount of paint on your brush. Now, lets get started with the Easy Watercolor Flowers Step by Step Tutorial.

Begin with the topmost thing you see for the painting and then move downward.

Do you want to try watercolor painting. Pen drawing using stippled technique to shape a face of a cow.

DIY watercolor painting for beginners.

Easy watercolor paintings step by step — photo 1
This easy watercolor painting technique is called wet on wet. Wash your brush out, so it has no paint on it, but keep it loaded with water. Next, youll paint a small blob where the bottom of the flower will be. Connect symbol vector illustration. I've provided a list of materials that you'll need and tips on how to use them.
Easy watercolor paintings step by step — photo 2
Limit the number of watercolor paints used. Have a second brush handy, dip it in water and wet the paper a bit more if it feels too dry.