Faux denim painting

You either love it or you hate. But if you love the idea of having denim on your walls this is certainly the style for you. Jeans come in all different colors.

Corrugation on one side provides a firm surface for painting, gluing, and other craft activities.

Faux denim painting — photo 2
Once the wax dried and hardened, I used a clean, lint-free cloth to buff it to a shine. Start off by painting a light base coat and allowing it to dry overnight. To add a touch of patina to the denim faux painting technique, I used a lint-free rag to rub on a layer of clear Creme Wax, followed by a light layer of Deep Brown Creme Wax. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with a great faux technique for boys but denim goes with SO much.

Choose Your Colors and PrimeChoose your color and buy enough paint to complete your project.

Faux denim painting
Then pick your favorite shade of blue or indigo and work in sections to lay down your first coat of paint. That old pair of jeans of yours now has a place on your walls.