Border image firefox bug

Please does someone have a solution for this bug. When used in the manner shown abov. In opera, chrome and IE - everything is ok. The other thing that happens is that if the border is already set beforehand and then I use jquery to change the color, the border changes color.
Border image firefox bug — photo 1
Has a bug where border-image incorrectly overrides border-style. Image on Google homepage renders with border on Intrepid.
Border image firefox bug — photo 2
I get the feeling that the border is there, but firefox is not resizing the component correctly so that we can see it. Here is a fiddle of the navbar itself. If you like our Please Don't Leave Me gifs please share them with your friends, border image firefox bug. The image can be found on greeting cards, calendars and in commercial advertisement.
Border image firefox bug
I can also confirm this bug in Karmic. Bathory Logo Longsleeve T-Shirt.