Is it legal to post pictures of guns on facebook

Now, people are not only renting guns, but apparently selling it via Facebook too. Is it legal to draw a replica of a photo with unknown rights and use it for commercial use. The page was only created a week ago. Entioning they have an array of firearms available for sale.

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Is it legal to post pictures of guns on facebook — photo 2
Is it legal to sell guns on Facebook. Got some awesome photos at our party. While you do grant a limited license to Facebook and its users, commercial use of such a photo is probably not within the boundaries of that license. Tired of not being able to post your gun pictures. A check on the page by The Malay Mail on Facebook before it was taken down saw the gun salesman posting various pictures of weapons for sale.

A store I help run their website social media for sells guns - but not online.

Is it legal to post pictures of guns on facebook
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