Transparent png css background image

To get use started, lets create a box, which will have the a semi transparent background. How can I add a background image to an element and make it transparent. How can I make a specific div with transparent background-color over a div with black background-color.

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Transparent png css background image
Well take a look at two methods, one where well use a solid color and make it transparent, and another one, where well use an image as our background and make that transparent. Preview Demo Download sourceCode. But how can I combine these two in order to set a transparent background image. It should be kind of the text box example in.
Here's an example where the body is red so it is clear what's going on. With this as the background I then want a standard image to sit behind the element that has the trans. So I cant use opacity or filter attributes.

What happens is that the div with the png picks up the background color of the page when it scrolls over the div with the fixed-background image.

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